Adelaide Builders Guide To Estimating Building Costs

The joy of having a newly built home that suits your lifestyle and preference is genuinely overwhelming. But there are various factors to consider if your dream house is to become a reality. You need to hire Kookaburra Builders Adelaide for the job and have an estimated budget for the entire project. Below is a breakdown of the steps to take when determining the cost of building a new home.

Determine Your Floor Plan

Floor plans determine the style, size and features you desire for your home. Most architects have a collection for you to choose from. But you can still search online for a building plan that suits your requirements. You then need to find the right builder. He or she should have vast experience in the construction industry, which assures you they can produce desired results. The builder should also provide you with a rough estimate or quote for the building project, which ultimately helps you in budgeting.

Building Cost Per Square Foot

Getting an exact figure for your new build might be impossible. But you can come up with a rough estimate of the same. As mentioned above, your builder should provide an estimate of the total project cost before embarking on the actual construction work. From this point, you can establish the price per square foot of building your home. If your house is to cover 4000 square feet and your builder estimates the total cost as $700000, you can calculate your price per square foot by dividing the total value ($700000) by the total feet (4000 sqft) to get $175. This will help you determine the average amount of money needed during each phase of your building project.

Building Style, Quality and Features

  • Quality refers to the materials you are using for the construction. They include your choice of flooring, roofing and painting. The higher the quality of these materials, the more the cost incurred during construction.
  • Style refers to the architecture of your new home. Homes that are rectangular or square cost less to construct. The same also applies to storied buildings since a two-story building will require a larger roof and foundation compared to its one-storey counterpart. If you add more corners and angles you to your house, more labour, materials and funds will be needed for your project.
  • Features are the design considerations you wish to have for your home. These features include high ceiling, curved staircase or roof pitch. Such additions increase the price tag of construction and raise the approximate building cost.

Accommodate Additional Construction Costs

When estimating the value for building a new home, it is essential to factor in other ordinary expenses that you can easily overlook, probably due to the excitement of owning a new home. Such factors include site preparation and permit fees, which if not given proper attention can affect the entire project.