How To Market Your Storage Company

The self-storage industry is experiencing exceptional growth in Australia. More facilities are being set up, and this simply means more competition. Due to the increase in competition, you ought to develop marketing strategies that work. Marketing your business will drive more traffic to your business and will increase the level of loyalty among your existing customers. With that being said, the following 5 marketing strategies will help you to stand out and help your prospective customers to familiarize themselves with your services.


Referral Marketing

Word of mouth is the oldest and most effective means of marketing. With this type of marketing, your existing clients refer your services to their friends and family. To boost the rate of referrals, consider implementing strategies that benefit the customers. For instance, you can offer a certain percentage of discount to the person who refers the most number of people to the business.

Community Networking

It is recommendable to market your company by networking with other groups of interest. Joining these groups will grow your mailing list which can later be used to distribute your marketing materials. To elaborate, you can sponsor a local sports team or donate a storage venue to a police station. This kind of events may lead to a free newspaper coverage and stir up a positive image towards your prospective customers.

Use Social Media Platforms

Are you currently using social media marketing? If not, you should start using this form of marketing as soon as possible. Most people on these platforms may not have heard about your services may not have heard about your self-storage business, and it is your role to inform them about it. Good news is that by using platforms such as Facebook, you will get to target your audience based on their location, interests or even age. You can also set up a Facebook campaign that aims at building your brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization

Most self-storage managers do not have time to implement SEO strategies so that you can use that to your advantage. However, for an effective SEO campaign, you should use both onsite SEO and offsite SEO tactics. Onsite SEO will involve identification of keywords that your audience is looking for and then using those keywords in your website. Advanced SEO will involve the use of appropriate Meta tags and optimisation of the headline, sub headlines and images. On the other hand, offsite SEO will be about the number of backlinks you have on your site.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Although you can build your audience organically using SEO strategies, you should also try PPC advertising. In this form of marketing, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money each time a person clicks on your advertisement. By using google AdWords, you will get ranked higher and get more traffic to your website. Give out the appropriate information on your site to increase the rate of conversion.


Using billboards to market your self-storage business is among the classic marketing strategies that work. You will be required to set up the billboard in a strategic location when targeting a localised audience. On the billboard, indicate the services you are offering and the venue of the establishment. Again, ensure the billboard is within your price limit before setting it up.

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